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It had to be a place where those kids without parents could be recieved and protected, but unluckily, this wasn't precisely the destination of who got raised on this orphanage. There were rumors on how the employees of the structure, exploited the kids using them to beg for money and also how harsh the consequences were for who came back without any coin on pocket. There were ones who were left without eat, others without sleep and others, the most unfortunate, got physical punishment. The most strange thing was that the many times the people approached the kids to gather information concerning the issue they never said anything compromising. Them hurted hands and them bodies filled with bruises, were always justified by small incidents during innocent play between friends. It was like, somehow the kids were carefully trained to lie and never betray the secret behind them nightmare house. Your team has decided to investigate the matter, and to do so sneaked inside the orphanage, while the structure was empty. You are on the look out of proofs that can condemn this criminals and finally be able to inform the police. But you need to act swiftly because you are risking a very painful end if they come back and find you inside of here.


Via Angelo Bargoni, 44 (Trastevere)

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